plot [plät]
[ME < OE, piece of land: some meanings infl. by COMPLOT]
1. a small area of ground marked off for some special use [garden plot, cemetery plot]
2. a chart or diagram, as of a building or estate
3. [short for COMPLOT] a secret, usually evil, project or scheme; conspiracy
4. the arrangement of the incidents in a play, novel, narrative poem, etc.
plotted, plotting
a) to draw a plan or chart of (a ship's course, etc.)
b) to mark the position or course of on a map
2. to make secret plans for [to plot someone's destruction]
3. to plan the action of (a story, etc.)
4. Math.
a) to determine or mark the location of (a point) on a graph by means of coordinates
b) to represent (an equation) by locating points on a graph and joining them to form a curve
c) to draw (the curve thus determined)
to scheme or conspire
SYN.- PLOT is used of a secret, usually evil, project or scheme, the details of which have been carefully worked out [the plot to deprive him of his inheritance failed ]; INTRIGUE, implying more intricate scheming, suggests furtive, underhanded maneuvering, often of an illicit nature [the intrigues at the royal court ]; MACHINATION stresses deceit and cunning in devising plots or schemes intended to harm someone [the machinations of the villain ]; CONSPIRACY suggests a plot in which a number of people plan and act together secretly for an unlawful or harmful purpose [a conspiracy to seize the throne ]; CABAL suggests a small group of political intriguers

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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